The band Dunai is based out of Toronto, Canada. For over two decades, the band has been a cornerstone in the Ukrainian music scene, entertaining audiences throughout Canada and the United States. They have performed at all the major Ukrainian festivals throughout North America and have played at private functions in Los Angeles, New York, Edmonton and San Diego, just to name a few.

Dunai’s sound is a culmination of different musical influences each member has brought to the group. The groups members have a diverse background in performing Ukrainian folk, rock, jazz, blues and latin music.

The key to the band’s longevity is their passion for performing, writing and arranging music. What has always differentiated Dunai is the success of their original songs. The groups direction is to continue writing original material which expands Ukrainian musical culture, as well as preserve traditional folk songs through their own unique arrangements.

Dunai released their first CD “I Searched the World” in 1991. The CD showcased not only the band’s unique sound but also their original writing and studio production talents. In 2001 Dunai released the CD “Soundscape” which was extremely well received and exemplified the band’s writing talents and musical diversity. Dunai is currently working on their third project and are targeting a summer 2013 release. The group’s CDs are now available for download from over 40 digital retailers globally, including iTunes, Puretracks, Napster and Amazon.

Once on stage, the band’s love and passion for performing is clearly visible and always captivates their audiences. Dunai’s dedication to their art, combined with a genuine delivery of their music, has provided them with a large and loyal following. The members of Dunai are: Alex Fesiak (keyboards, accordion, lead vocals), Ihor Zowtonizka (guitars, vocals), Steve Sherman (guitars, vocals), Yar Haluk (drums, percussion), and Kevin Goss (saxophones, flute).