April 21, 2015

Dunai CD Release Zabava & Fundraiser

We are excited to announce the launch of our 3rd CD and we are throwing a big party or should we say ZABAVA to celebrate! We will be raising funds at the event to help injured soldiers in Ukraine through the sale of the band’s merchandise, prizes and raffles.


Dunai-CD-Release 4


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Dobrej Vechyr Alex,
It was a pleasure seeing you again after so many years after you played for my wedding in Windsor. I listened to your C.D. It is wonderful. Being a musician myself, department head of Languages and the Arts at General Amherst High School, which I did not mention,I am a vocalist and pianist and am vocal director and pianist for our high school musicals. However, when listening to the album, I heard some very similar songs from Rushnychok. By the way, Stefan Andrusiak is my older first cousin. It was a refreshing experience. Take care and you still have it!


Hi Andrea,

It was very nice catching up with you at the dance. I’m glad as well as flattered you like our CD. We always try to take Ukrainian music into different directions. Take care and thank you once again!


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